Social Considerations

Depending on the type of survival situation you find yourself in, social considerations will likely play a large part at some point.  Even if you do not wish to prep or survive with a group of like minded individuals before WTSHTF – you are likely to need people and groups at some point for trade and psychological comfort.  Humans, by nature, are social creatures that naturally form into groups for mutual benefit and advancement.

Even before being part of a group, you will need to answer other questions, such as how do you deal with strangers, beggars, aggressive or desperate people.  If nothing else, you will need to gain an understanding of human psychology during an adverse mass event.  How long do you have after the water company stops server water on tap before otherwise good people get desperate enough to invade surrounding homes in search of water?  How long after the police stops responding to 911 calls before gangs begin to rove the suburban streets to replace the vacuum of power?  How long can a thirsty or hungry person walk to find your BoL before they give up?

All these and more are considerations for many potential survival situations.

Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.

Hunter S. Thompson