Medical: Herbs & Medicine

People (and Western people in particular) in modern society are dependent on a variety of industrial medicines.  Everything from cholesterol lowering statins to heart rhythm regulating beta-blockers and everything in between.  Some of these medicines can’t be stopped cold turkey without risking what are sometimes severely adverse health effects.  Even if you happen to have your bottle of medicine with you when a survival situation arises, you may eventually run out.  Not to mention, without the benefit of modern day antibiotics you may eventually find yourself in a world of hurt.  A tiny cut or scratch acquired during routine work can be the end of you when a minor but untreated infection poisons you from within.  Think of all the times you have taken antibiotics in your life.  Now, remember that these medicines weren’t even around until 1928 – before which people routinely died from what is considered a minor infection in today’s terms.

You may have been dead multiple times over if it weren’t to easy access to cheap antibiotics.

The survivalist knows which medicines they are dependent on and knows how to store, stock and ween off of them.  In addition, knowledge of medicinal herbs and mushrooms will help the survivalist lead a longer and healthier life and, perhaps most importantly, with a higher quality of life.  When we consider that many of today’s commercial medicines are derived from plants, it’s easy to see the benefit of herbalism in any extended survival situation.

Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.

Hunter S. Thompson