Bug-Out-Location Considerations

The “bug out” location is some kind of secure retreat that a person would escape to in case of an adverse local event that causes your security or access to essential resources to be compromised.

The BoL is most often situated in a remote location which would make it impractical or improbable for others to locate or stumble upon.  The retreat is outfitted with supplies and structures that will facilitate longer term survival and security.   The exact nature of the BoL configuration is a matter of personal preference and circumstance.  Most preppers agree that in case of a mass event (i.e. one adversely affecting a large number of people) the best place to be is away from crowds, i.e. population centers such as cities and suburbs.

Often times, the exact location and layout of a person’s BoL is kept secret from anyone who isn’t expected to make use of the BoL in case of emergency.  Acquiring and setting up a BoL can be a matter of significant financial expense since it often involves purchasing land.  For this reason, some people choose to set up covert BoLs on public lands, which can be a very risky choice – both legally and practically.  Others choose to spread the cost of the BoL across a small group of trusted and like minded people, although this seems to be more rare, probably due to the fact that many preppers are more distrustful of others when it comes to their safety and well being.

Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.

Hunter S. Thompson