Bug-Out-Bag Recipes

The “bug out” bag is generally a rucksack or backpack of some kind that contains all of the materials, supplies and provisions that an individual believes they would need in case of an adverse event affecting the person’s local area.  Such a bag might contain tools, clothing, survival and self defense weapons, water purification items, personal hygiene stuffs and more.  Generally a BoB refers to something that an individual can carry on their back as the BoB is implied to be used in a “running” type situation.  In other words, if the shock troops were down the road, and you could grab only one thing before you ran off into the woods to hide – it would be your BoB.
The exact contents of the BoB is a matter of individual taste, situation and common sense.  Preppers often compare and critique the contents of each other’s BoBs.

Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.

Carl Sagan